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Avondale Toyota // Scion
10005 W. Papago Freeway
Avondale, AZ 85323
(602) 936-7700

Welcome to TundraHQ, your headquarters for the all new Toyota Tundra, the truck that's changing it all.  For years Toyota has built a reputation for building the most reliable vehicles that continue to be leaders in resale value.  Owning a Toyota means you own the best vehicle in the class and can expect a lower "Total Cost Of Ownership" experience.

Now comes the new Tundra and, if you know Toyota, you can understand the buzz this new powerhouse has created in the full-sized pickup market in America.  You've seen the commercials.  You may have heard the stories.  Have you taken a look at the all new Toyota Tundra?  Bigger.  Stronger.  More powerful.

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The all new Toyota Tundra is ready to take your idea of a half-ton pickup to a whole new level.   

In the Greater Phoenix area there is ONE dealer that knows the Tundra better than the rest.  There is ONE dealer that has the best selection of the all new Tundra.  That ONE dealer is Avondale Toyota // Scion, your Tundra Headquarters in the Valley of the Sun.

Call us and ask to talk to a Tundra Sales Professional.  You'll see we've done our homework, have the answers you need and can help you configure your Tundra to handle the workload you have in mind.  Ask us about Triple-Tech and why it IS a better idea than a fully-boxed frame.  Ask us about A.C.I.S. and how it improves horsepower AND torque.  Ask us about payload and towing capabilities and how Tundra is equipped to handle your demands.

The all-new Tundra is just that, ALL NEW.  Toyota began by gaining a solid understanding of what is most important to truck owners, by going to them and asking, then built from there.  The frame, the new 5.7 liter power plant, the 6-speed transmission built to do what trucks do best and the idea that safety and handling are as important as towing and hauling all went into the design and build of the all-new Tundra.

Contact us about taking an up-close look at this new truck.  One of our team will be happy to set some time aside for you to come in for a look and a drive.  We even have a Tundra hooked up to a heavy load if you're interested in a real test drive.  While you're at the dealership you'll get to see why Avondale Toyota is "Everything but Ordinary".

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